Friday, May 1, 2015

Air Mail

Air Mail

Do I dare call the Air Mail my favorite cocktail? I don't think I've ever encountered another drink so perfectly to my taste. I love sparkling wine cocktails, but I find most of them too simple. The Air Mail, however, is complex: sweet, citrusy, and bubbly, the perfect balance of textures and flavors. The first time I tried one was at Island Creek Oyster Bar in Boston, which is one of a trio of incredible bars in Kenmore Square managed by Jackson Cannon.

History: The first mention of this cocktail appears in Esquire’s 1941 Handbook for Hosts, and that's about all I can find. You can think of it as a version of a Daiquiri (rum, lime juice, simple syrup) or maybe a French 75 (gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, sparkling wine). Either way, it's delicious.

Air Mail

1 1/2 oz. rum
3/4 oz. lime juice
3/4 oz. honey simple syrup*

Garnish with a lemon twist or, if you’re feeling fancy, a mint leaf with a few drops of Angostura bitters on top.

*To make honey simple syrup, simmer equal parts honey and water in a saucepan until honey is dissolved. Let cool before using.

Recipe adapted from Imbibe.

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