Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Favorite Cocktail Blogs

My Favorite Cocktail Blogs

One thing I've realized since I started blogging about cocktails is that there are a lot of other people out there blogging about cocktails, too. And it's great. I love that you can find the same recipe on ten different blogs, and everyone who made it has a different perspective on it. Some blogs focus on original concoctions and others just cover the classics. Some have impeccable photography with perfect lighting, and others make do with a few cellphone snaps. Some have thousands of loyal followers, and others operate quietly in the background because they love what they're doing.

I've found a lot of blogs I love over the past couple of years, and since I'm not making any cocktails myself right now, I thought I'd share some favorites with you. Check them out to get your cocktail recipe fix!

Mr. Muddle

1. Mr. Muddle. You probably already know Adam, aka Mr. Muddle, from our Bottle Swap posts. Since he's a fellow Boston blogger, he's one of the few on this list that I've actually met in person. He's a whiz at coming up with original cocktail recipes (and perfect names), and his blog is a treasure trove of inspiration for new drinks. He's also got a couple of kids, so I'm hoping I can get him to give me some parenting tips. :-)

Drinking With Chickens

2. Drinking with Chickens. I am obsessed with Drinking with Chickens. Kate makes and photographs beautiful, colorful cocktails all made with fresh ingredients straight from her extensive garden. And, more often than not, there are chickens involved. I follow her Instagram religiously enough that I know many of these chickens by name. (The one in the photo is Pip.) She's also got two adorable boxers and an African Grey parrot, so I basically want her life. Or to at least be her best friend. Call me, Kate.

Craft and Cocktails

3. Craft & Cocktails. When I first stumbled upon Ashley Rose Conway's absolutely stunning cocktail blog, I basically wondered what I was even doing with mine. It's just so, so lovely. Her recipes are often imaginative and whimsical twists on classics, like her Carrot Cake Ramos Gin Fizz or Negroni Float. The styling and photography is impeccable. It's like entering a magical fantasy world of perfect, pretty cocktails. And I never want to leave.

Apartment Bartender

4. Apartment Bartender. Elliot Clark, aka Apartment Bartender, is just so effortlessly cool. (Even Express thinks so.) His blog is full of well-curated cocktail recipes paired with beautiful photography, as well as useful articles like 10 Really Damn Good Bottles of Scotch Under $100 or How to Tiki at Home. I particularly enjoy his Instagram, where he posts gorgeous photos of the process of making his drinks.

Stir and Strain

5. Stir and Strain. I've always thought of Elena's wonderful blog as something of a model for what I'd like mine to be. She refers to it as "a cocktail scratchpad" - a place to test out new recipes. Her drinks are creative and approachable. I love her gift guides and bar cart styling guides, and I miss her weekly Booze News posts. She also frequently does great giveaways.

Holly and Flora

6. Holly and Flora. This blog by Denver-based sommelier Jayme Henderson is all about fresh, seasonal, garden-to-glass cocktails. Nowhere will you find a more stunning array of mouth-watering ingredients and beautiful fruit and herb garnishes. Her photography and styling set a delicate, tranquil mood. Each post makes you feel like you're sipping a perfectly crafted cocktail with Jayme in her garden and watching the sunset. Or at least wish you were!

Cold Glass

7. Cold Glass. This site is an absolute treasure trove of cocktail information. Doug Ford serves his cocktails garnished with fascinating histories, digging up the stories behind such classics as the Swizzle, the Tuxedo, and the Gibson. But he doesn't neglect new favorites either, being sure to include recipes like the Paper Plane and the Cooper Union as well. I always check his site when I write about a drink to see if he has covered it yet. He posts relatively infrequently, but it's always worth reading.

Boxes and Booze

8. Boxes and Booze. There are a lot of cocktail blogs and Instagram accounts with interesting themes (this one comes to mind), but one of my favorites is Boxes and Booze. On his blog, Steve shares his love of well-crafted cocktails with an extensive collection of wooden puzzle-boxes, and presents each recipe with a related box that inspired it. It's incredibly unique and absolutely fascinating. He's also a wizard with elaborate citrus peel garnishes - check out the pup on his Doggone Old Fashioned or the Cupid on his Heart-Shaped Box.

Letters and Liquor

9. Letters and Liquor. Along the same vein, Matthew of Letters & Liquor pairs his cocktails with beautifully hand-lettered cocktail-themed artwork. Both are absolutely stunning. Each of his posts tackles a classic recipe, and he provides spectacular historical information and context for each one. I love learning the history behind cocktails, and this blog is a complete treasure trove. Don't miss Matthew's Instagram, where he often shows pictures of his works in progress - until you see them, you'll have trouble believing the lettering is done by hand.

Cocktail Virgin

10. Cocktail Virgin Slut. Don't let the generic blogger template and iPhone photos fool you - Cocktail Virgin Slut is one of the best resources for cocktail recipes and information on the internet. Bartender Fred Yarm posts new recipes prolifically, and always with detailed tasting notes and often some interesting historical context. Check out what he's made lately, or use the list of ingredients in the sidebar to browse the extensive archive. Or pick up one of his recipe books: Drink & Tell: A Boston Cocktail Book and the brand new (and aptly-named) Boston Cocktails: Drunk & Told. And if you're in the Boston area, head over to Loyal Nine to have him make you a cocktail himself!

There are a lot more great blogs out there, and it was tough narrowing down this list to only ten! Did your favorite blog make the list?


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Happy to give you parenting tips any time (spoiler alert: they include alcohol)

  2. Yup....Kate's my fav! Call me too Kate!